We are excited to welcome a bunch of great artists to our tinytone music catalog: Flipsyde, Spencer, Cris Rellah, The Formers, Tilia, Blush, Braggarts and more. Many of these bands were produced by tinytone music’s own Reto Peter. Check out our sampler!

Reto once again traveled to Switzerland  this summer to work at Somastudios. This time he started production with the Munich based sister duo Deer Park Avenue. They tracked basics for their new record with Reto handling the engineering, producing and bass player duties. They will finish the album in California this fall.

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-10-28-amWe are very pleased to announce we are now working with Edmund De Los Reyes, aka Great Oz. With his flair for dramatic synth and orchestral sounds, this son of an Opera singer doesn’t have to click his heels together to create musical magic! Moving between retro cinematic electronic and more modern orchestral soundscapes, his compositions scream to be set to picture. Have a listen to some of his work here –and welcome to tinytone, Great Oz!

IMG_5777Manage to rescue this thing out of a friends hands just before it hit the scrap heap. The Ampeg V-4/V-22 was used most famously by Keith (Keef!) Richards –or so I’m told, as well as some lesser known underground wonders like Greg Sage from The Wipers, Doyle from The Misfits, and even the guys in Fear. It’s clearly seen a lifetime of abuse, but with a little love and a bit of money this late 60’s (early 70’s?) amp and matching cab should be up, running, and sounding rad in no time.